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Camera, Lenses & Camera Support


Red DSMC2 Gemini 5k

Standard,OLPF, 7" RED Touch Monitor, Outrigger Handle ,  1 @ 480 and 2 @ 240GB Mini Mags, Extender Module, V-mount Quickplate. 16" and 3' POGO cable

Canon C70 4K. Featuring a "Dual gain Output" sensor for up to 16+ stops of dynamic range. RF Mount, Canon EF-RF Focal reducer for full frame! PL to RF adapter Batteries, Cage, 4 @ 128 GB high speed Prograde SDXC cards, 4 batteries plus available battery handle or 15mm rail/ shoulder rig configuration.

Red Dragon 6k

Standard, Skin Tone and Low light OLPFs

7" RED Touch Monitor, Side Handle ,  3 @ 256GB Red Mags, 3 @ 64 GB Red Mags, Top Handle, +1 Module, RED V-mount Quickplate.

Tilta Clip on Matte Box

 4 x 5.65" ND's 3,6,9,1.2, 1.5, 2.1

Schneider 1/4 Classic Soft

Schneider 1/8 Classic Soft

Schneider 1/4 Digi Con

Schneider 1/4 Hollywood Black Magic Filter

Schneider 1/8 Hollywood Black Magic Filter

16- 14.8V batteries/ 2 x Charger (6 @ 98Wh for travel)

Dragon Rentals include RED ONE MX 4K RAW Camera

w/ Birger EF or PL Mount (on request)

7" Monitor + Accessories. Still an amazing 4k RAW B-Cam




DZO Film Vespid Primes

 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 125 mm all  T2.1 EF  Mount

DZO Film Pictor Zoom Set

20-55 & 50-125mm Parfocal

PL mount

Sigma Cine PL/ EF 18-35mm

20mm Xeen PL/ EF - Full Frame Coverage


PL and Canon Mount

Abox for scratch audio

Rode NTG2

Small HD 702 Bright Monitor

OSEE LCM215-HD  21.5" HDR Field Monitor


Hollyland Mars 400s Wireless Video. Supports up to 3 additions IOS/ Android devices.

Tilta Nucleus M and Nucleus Nano Wireless Follow Focus


Panasonic GH5S

+ Metabones EF Speedbooster XL .64

2 @ Angel Bird 128gb 300 mbps cards

Canon EF mount glass: (All Canon glass fitted with custom follow focus gears)


Canon 70-200 IS V2 2.8

Tamron IS 24-70 2.8

Ziess 35mm Duclos cinemod (Same glass as CP2 35) 1.4

Nikkor 50mm 1.2

Tokina 11-16

Tokina 14-20

Sigma EF 18-35 f1.8

Nikor 85 f2

Rokinon 16mm 1.4

Lumix 12-35 v2


Edlekrone Follow Focus


100mm Sachtler Video 18 

75mm Sachtler Ace tripod

Benro - Baby legs

4.5’ , 6', 8' and 12’ speed rail lengths

Dana Dolly slider w/ mini stands

Ronin 3 Axis Gimbel camera stabilizer

Ronin RS 2

Shoulder rig w/ handgrips